Keco K-Bar Deluxe Body Repair Kit

SKU: 410-8099-KDBR
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PDR K-Bar Deluxe Body Repair Kit includes the K-Bar (with 4 adapters), K-Beam Bridge Lifter (with 4 adapters) & U-Bolt, Robo Lifter, Auto Trim Molding Kit, Super Tab –ICE and original variety packs (12 total), JVF Blending Hammer, Red & Blue Crown Slappers, Auto Trim Molding Tool Set, 4 Centipede Crease Tabs with new smooth series, Heavy Duty Tabs variety pack, 12 oz slide hammer, FIRE knockdown kit, 6mm, 4mm & 2.5mm ICE knockdowns & root beer tips, variable temperature glue gun, 3 cactus green glue packs and 1 Tab Weld gray glue pack. This kit is the perfect solution for any large body repair.
  • K-Beam & Adapters (4) plus U-Bolt
  • K-Bar & Adapters (4)
  • Centipede Crease Tabs
  • Glue Gun with Green Glue (3 packs) and Gray (1 pack-TabWeld) Glue
  • Super Tab & Heavy Duty Variety Packs (16 total)
  • 12 oz Slide Hammer
  • Knockdown Kit with FIRE, ICE & Root Beer
  • Black ICE VP
  • Robo Lifter
  • JVF Blending Hammer
  • Original VP Tabs
  • Red and Blue Crown Slappers


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